“An Honest Ho” Official Sneak Peek


An Honest Ho

Vashti is a ho, but she’s a good ho, a safe ho if that makes any sense. She’ll fuck a married man, a minister, or your boyfriend; it doesn’t matter. If she wants him nine times out of ten she will get him. Especially the ministers, they’re always extra freaky. It must be the God in them.

Vashti is gorgeous, sweet, and sex crazed. The one thing about her that you can respect is the fact that she always has safe sex and if a brotha is not down for it he has to step aside with a hard dick in hand. Most importantly, Vashti is honest about her HIV positive status.

You may be thinking “How in the hell could she always have safe sex if she has HIV?” Follow along and you’ll understand.

She wasn’t a street ho or at the Bunny Ranch waiting for men to drop their seed for a fee. She was a professional at sex; nasty, low down, filthy sex. Vashti knew there was power in fucking. It had to be because her dad once done anything her mom asked with the promise of pussy at sundown. Also, in high school Vashti overheard a group of male peers admit that as long as a chick is fucking them when, where, and how they want there was nothing they would refuse her.

Vashti learned at an early age that she held true power between her legs and was on a mission to make every man she fucked weak in the knees. Vashti didn’t dress the part of a ho and she wasn’t paid for her services, but she played the role by definition. She also never fucked the same man twice. That’s right, if you got her once you were lucky or unlucky depending on how you looked at the situation.

The story behind Vashti’s current safe sexual behavior lies in her volatile behavior of the past. She would use sex as a weapon having it often and with many different partners unprotected. Men would develop feelings for her and she would use that to destroy them with her sexual prowess and they’d never hear from her again. That sounds dramatic, but Vashti was a bad bitch.

However, she was not so smart; she had forgotten what she learned in high school about a man doing anything for you if you pleased him sexually. After all, what can you gain when you disappear immediately after a man cums? Not a damn thing, except a preventable and incurable STD such as HIV.

As you can imagine Vashti’s fan club grew quite large. She never gave or received a phone number or any other contact information from her “victims” and the sex always took place in a hotel or at their home. Men followed her, stalked her, and approached her constantly begging for another chance. Women hated her and secretly wanted to possess her charms, but Vashti knew how to handle her business, or so she thought.

On one occasion as she scoped out her next “victim” a wannabe victim with stank breath that she had turned down more than a few times whispered in her ear, “One day you’re gonna give that pussy to the wrong man and he’s gonna make you pay”. After she swatted him away like an annoying gnat she gave the statement some thought then shook it off. “It hasn’t happened yet and quite frankly I’m not convinced that any man can have that much power over me.”

When Vashti found out she contracted HIV she wanted to end her life and felt unlovable and more importantly, unfuckable. She foolishly wanted to make every man pay for her irresponsible behavior. She was informed by her caseworker that before she had sex with anyone in the future she would have to tell them her status or it could be considered a felony. This scared the hell out of Vashti. Would she ever have sex again? Was she still sexy? Would men deny her?

She took a year away from her old life, educated herself on HIV and other STDs, dealt with the lengthy process of informing her past partners of her status with the help of the local Health Department and relocated to a place where no one knew her. She had fucked most of the men within a one hundred mile radius, so if she was to start over properly it had to be in a new town in another state.

After a year of pleasing herself she decided she loved sex with men too much to completely give it up. She promised to be honest about her status and protect herself and anyone that she had sex with. If he insisted on not using protection she would slap his dick to the side and move on to the next. The last thing she needed was another STD to further weaken her immune system. Her T cell count was well above two hundred and she didn’t currently need to be on any HIV medication. She ate healthy, worked out, and was in great shape.

One hot summer night Vashti felt like checking out a dance club called Pulse. Hopefully dancing up a sweat would get her sexual pulse pumping. She got dolled up the way she used to in her risky days and decided to give flirting with HIV a shot. If she saw someone that caught her eye she would approach, but if not she would sit back chill and order her favorite alcoholic drink, grape vodka.

Pulse was a spot forty five minutes outside of her home. She’d heard it was the spot to meet high class men, so she had to be in attendance.